Monday, October 17, 2016

Review: Breed by Chase Novak

Breed by Chase Novak is a twisted tale about a couple willing to do whatever it takes to conceive. Alex and Leslie Twisden have everything; money, great jobs, expensive house, perfect marriage, and love. The one thing missing in their fairy-tale life is children. They've tried just about everything and still cannot conceive. After a meeting with an infertility therapy group, Alex and Leslie get a tip from a fellow couple who've just conceived. They are told to visit a doctor in Slovenia and they will conceive, guaranteed. Alex and Leslie travel to Slovenia and meet with Dr. Kis. All it takes is one meeting, and the Twisdens are pregnant.
Ten years later, we meet twins Adam and Alice Twisden. While they go to a posh private school and appear to live a life of luxury, these twins do not have life easy. Every night they are looked in their rooms only to hear their parents living what appears to be a loud, violent and very disturbing life. The twins don't know what's going on but they know that there is some sort of evil at work. Adam and Alice are determined to figure out what is going on, even if it means losing the only family they've known.
Breed by Chase Novak was a fabulous but horrific read. I've never encountered a pregnancy gone wrong novel and I'm elated that I picked up Breed. Chase Novak expertly set the tone for Breed and kept me interested throughout. There's a sequel that's out titled Brood but I'm too much of a chicken to pick it up just yet. I had nightmares for days while reading so trust me when I say that Breed is the perfect treat for Halloween!

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