Thursday, September 8, 2016

Customer Service Thanks!

There's something to be said about great customer service. I've encountered two great companies that have gone above and beyond my expectations to help me with my issues.

Fanatics Retail Group:
As many of you know, I am an avid sports fan. I recently ordered an item from the Houston Texans shop and received the item with the packaging open. I took pictures and reported the issue with hopes to return and get a replacement item. Within a couple days, I received a response from Fanatics Retail Group letting me know that a replacement was already on the way (at no cost to me), AND my account was credited for a future purchase. Keep in mind, I never was asked to return the opened item. Fanatics didn't have to do any of that for me but they did. I was so appreciative and can't express enough how highly I view Fanatics now.

Dorel Juvenile, Inc:
Once upon a time, I had a baby shower and received a stroller. I did not open this stroller until a couple months after baby was born. When I did, the wheels were missing. Luckily, there was a warranty on the stroller so I went into Babies R Us hoping to get the wheels. After a couple of conversations, I was told I needed to go to the store where the stroller was purchased (in Austin, TX). After a couple weeks, we went and all they did was print a receipt for us and told us to contact the warranty company. When I tried to register my warranty it said it was expired. I finally decided to contact the company directly and see if I could purchase some wheels. I contacted them but it took awhile to get a response so I reached out via Twitter. Luckily, at that same moment, I received an email asking for the specifics of my stroller and registry. Today, I am happy to say that I am getting the missing wheels sent to me at no cost to me. Words cannot describe how happy I am and how grateful I am to be getting these wheels.

We always hear about what's wrong with companies and I think it's rare to hear about the good things they do. I'd personally like to thank Fanatics and Dorel for going above and beyond to help this mom out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and know you have a customer for life.

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