Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ice Cream Cake

During the summer, there was a video circulating Facebook about what looked to be a really easy way to make ice cream cake. I admit I've always been intimidated by the very idea of making an ice cream cake. As I watched this video (https://www.facebook.com/Food.com/videos and click on Ice Cream Cake), it really did seem easy so I decided to try it out. While I loved what I saw, I decided to give it my own spin from the get go. I chose to use Blue Bell's Dutch Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Homemade Vanilla Ice Creams. I took pictures along the way so I'll post the recipe photo by photo for you!

1 pint each of three ice creams (you choose)
7 ice cream sandwiches
Oreo cookies (I used a bag of the snack size oreos, but you can use 10 regular size ones)
2 tbs milk

*Before you start, make sure you use a springform pan. Spray it with cooking spray and line with wax paper*
1. Grind up oreos and mix with 1 tbs milk until combined. If mixture is too dry, add another tbs milk and mix. Set aside.
2. Working quickly, cut ice cream sandwiches in half long wise and cut those halves in half (equaling 4 pieces). Place pieces along rim of pan as shown below.
3. Once all ice cream sandwiches are lined, spread oreo mixture in bottom of pan. Put in freezer to set up. 
4. Remove 1 pint of ice cream and let thaw for 5-10 minutes (on a plate so that you don't get melted ice cream everywhere). 
5. Once pliable, remove another pint and let that start to thaw. 
6. Remove pan and layer first melted pint on top of the oreo mixture as shown below. 
7. Freeze. Repeat steps for the rest of the pints of ice cream. 
8. If you want to top the ice cream cake you can. You don't have to. Once this is all done, let the ice cream cake freeze overnight. 
9. When ready to serve, remove cake from springform pan. Remove wax paper from sides and serve.
I chose to top my ice cream cake with a new chocolate mixture I'm working on. It came out very pretty but was hard to cut into, so I have to make some adjustments next time I try this chocolate topping out. I made this cake for a coworker's going away and it was a hit! People really seemed to enjoy it and some are even going to try their hands at making their own!
*side note: that is edible glitter used as decoration. I have tons of the stuff.*

I did make another ice cream cake the following week and this time I literally baked a cake and topped it with ice cream. I used a box mix cake and let it cool overnight before I added the ice cream. The topping was simple as I only had some Hershey's syrup in my pantry that night. I didn't get a picture of it in it's full form, but here's a picture of the slice I ate.
You can clearly see the divide between the cake and the ice cream and you can even spot some of the oozing chocolate syrup on the top and bottom. yum! Both versions were loved and I can't wait to make these again. 

This is a great dessert for any end of Summer parties you might be throwing or attending. It is guaranteed to wow! 

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