Monday, June 6, 2016

Tips on Cooling Down a Car w Kids

Summer is here and while we are still experiencing rain, it won't be long before we are in upper 90 to lower 100 temps. Like most parents, my biggest worry is keeping my kiddo cool while in the car. I never realized how hot a car can get until I had to take my baby somewhere. I've laid out some quick tips on keeping those kiddos nice and cool for the following months.
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1. Start your engines! 
The easiest tip is to start your car and have the A/C run for a couple minutes before allowing your child to be put into your car. Be sure to point your vents as high as they will go. That will help get the A/C circulating throughout the car a bit quicker. This is the most unsafe and inconvenient tip but it does help in a pinch! I recommend doing this regardless if you are able to stay close to the car.

2. Grab those towels!
For those with car seats, you know that the buckles get extremely hot! To battle that, I found the most simple solution. A beach towel. Just drape a beach towel (preferably a light color towel) over the car seat and remove when ready to use. It really does help to keep those buckles from getting piping hot!

3. Car seat/stroller fans are a must!
This was something I never ever thought of until I saw another mom with it. Here in Houston, we have lots of humidity and cool breeze is a rarity. These little fans will come in handy to keep air flowing to your little one. You can purchase these online or in store and prices range from $10-$20 each but it really really helps! I've done some research and almost all of these are made with safe materials in case your kiddo decides he/she wants to stick their fingers in the fan. Be sure to research before you buy!

4. Noggles for all!
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My brother in law actually recommended The Noggle to me last year. When I first had to take my little one out into the heat, I was all sorts of panicked. My entire family researched and found this treasure. This snake like contraption clips to your front A/C vent and can be positioned in the back seat to help cool down your child in their rear/forward facing car seat. I chose not to try it because they cost around $40 each, but my sister and brother in law have one for their little one so I'll get to see how it works! Check out the reviews before you buy and I hope it works for you!

5. Cooling car seat liners AND covers!
Cooling car seat liners is new to me. From what I gather, the material of these liners helps to prevent sweat as well as protect from stains. I'm not sure how it works but when I read reviews, lots of parents say it works really well! The liners also work for strollers so it's worth purchasing if you can get one under $40 and testing it out. I actually just bought one myself and can't wait to see if it helps my little one who is prone to sweating.

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Car seat covers are also available to help keep those car seats cool. Basically the cover looks like a big piece of stretchable aluminum foil. You're supposed to use it to wrap the car seat while you are out and it prevents the car seat from getting hot! Sounds good to me but I also got the job done with a beach towel so I didn't see the need to buy this. I say if you buy one and it works, please let me know! You can normally find them under $10 online.

6. Travel coolers!
As I was creating this post, I came up with this idea that I will try out. Purchase one of those small travel coolers and use ice packs to keep water or juice cool. That way, you can give your little one a cool drink to help battle the heat in the car. I mean it works for long trips, why not let it do the job for this everyday summer heat!

If you have a tip that's not mentioned above, please let me know. I'd love to add it to this list and even try it out myself!

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