Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to Be a Texan by Andrea Valdez Review + Giveaway

Andrea Valdez
Illustrated by Abi Daniel
Genre: Texas Customs / Social Life / Humor
Date of Publication: May 3, 2016
# of pages: 208, 58 B&W Illustrations

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There are certain things every Texan should know how to do and say, whether your Lone Star roots reach all the way back to the 1836 Republic or you were just transplanted here yesterday. Some of these may be second nature to you, but others . . . well, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have a few handy hints if, say, branding the herd or hosting a tamalada aren’t your usual pastimes. That’s where How to Be a Texan can help.
In a friendly, lighthearted style, Andrea Valdez offers illustrated, easy-to-follow steps for dozens of authentic Texas activities and sayings. In no time, you’ll be talking like a Texan and dressing the part; hunting, fishing, and ranching; cooking your favorite Texas dishes; and dancing cumbia and two-step. You'll learn how to take a proper bluebonnet photo and build a Dia de los Muertos alter, and you'll have a bucket list of all the places Texans should visit in their lifetime. Not only will you know how to do all these things, you'll finish the book with a whole new appreciation for what it means to be a Texan and even more pride in saying "I'm from Texas" anywhere you wander in the world. 

I have to admit I am not a native born Texan (I know). I was born elsewhere but got here as soon as I could. I absolutely love my state of Texas and devour any and all Texas related materials. You couldn't imagine my excitement when it was time to read "How to Be a Texan". As you can tell from the summary above, "How to Be a Texan" has tons of Texan info for you. From travel to hobbies, there's something in here for everyone. My personal favorites are the chapters on relaxation, food, and slang although I really loved the passage about big Texas hair. I love all things Texas and sort of live for all the stereotypes we deal with. While "How to Be a Texan" is stock full of information, it has lots of humor in it and lots of graphics. If you are a lover of Texas like I am, or you're interested in learning about our ways (yes I consider myself a Texan), you're gonna really dig this book! It's wonderful from start to finish and really makes me proud to be a Texan. 

A native Houstonian who has worked for Texas Monthly since 2006, Valdez is the editor of She has written on a wide range of subjects, including more than forty colums on activities every Texan should be able to do, which provided the inspiration for this book. She also helped Texas Monthly launch The Daily Post and TMBBQ.comFOLLOW ON TWITTER

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