Tuesday, May 17, 2016


In my culture, we eat what is called "Chow". It is a fruit/veggie of some sort that has been sliced up and seasoned with garlic, pepper, and what you would call cilantro. Sometimes the chow is an accent to a main dish or it could be a light snack. If you are an addict of chow like I am, you can make it into a full meal.

This past week I have been under the weather and could really only eat fruits and veggies so guess what I had! It was a great way to break up the monotony of plain fruits and veggies. Also, if you add lots of spicy pepper, it's a great way to break up a cold! Here's the recipe:

1 fruit/veggie of choice, sliced into bite size pieces
1 garlic clove, chopped finely
1 tbs cilantro, chopped finely
1 habanero pepper (or hotter), chopped
salt & pepper to taste

1. Add all ingredients to bowl. Mix. Serve.

As you can see this is a cinch to make! The best part of this whole dish is that you can alter it anyway you like. In the pictures, I've used mango and a West Indian fruit called Pommecythere. Pommecythere is a slightly tart fruit with a fibrous center and it's oohhhh so delicious. I compare it to a sour pear. Anyways, I'm digressing.

Can't think of what you'd like to try this with? Well, here are some ideas of what I've used and what my family has used in the past!

Cucumber (can also combine with tomatoes)
Tomato (with onions this is amazing!)

The key is to try something you already love and from there you can get creative. If the dish is too spicy, dial it back to your taste. But the key is to try it. Trust me, once you do, you'll never look at fruit and veggies the same!

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